Sax Customs Quantum Ceramic Protection

Quantum Ceramic Protection

Keep your Vehicle looking Showroom New

Sax Customs now offers comprehensive interior and exterior vehicle protection with Quantum Ceramic Coating and Quantum Interior Protection. 

Ceramic Coating protects against the elements that typically harm the paint on vehicles – UV Rays, Bugs, Grime, tree sap, and others. Interior application protects against oil and water-based stains, food, and drink.

Vehicles purchased at Sax Motor Co have the following protection available:

New Vehicles –     Starting at $1345 – includes interior/exterior limited warranty protection for 5 years.
Used Vehicles –    Starting at $1145 – includes interior/exterior limited warranty protection for 3 years.

If you already own a vehicle – starting at $945 – will include a 2 Year limited Warranty on the exterior.